ISIT-Group professional approach:

Failure of the traditional security systems in combating the constant progress of common and organized crime and global terrorism, leads to a continuous deterioration of the public’s safety and hinders the ability of authorities to provide an environment that is safe and appropriate for the proper social and economic development of the region and its inhabitants.

As a result of this phenomenon, we have developed in recent years a Proactive Security Approach based on the fundamentals of utilizing an Integrated Security System whose components address critical security needs...

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Integrative Security Instruction & Technologies Ltd.

Provides the whole process,

from Strategy to Operations


A smart investment in Integrative Security Solutions


ISIT-Group Special Projects

Operational Krav-Maga & Martial Arts Instructors course - Wingate - OKMIF

Safe City Holistic Projects

Crime Prevention Projects

AMOT - Modernisation of Operational Training Methodologies

International Events Operational Planning & Managing

Emergencies & Crisis management

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