Holistic Security, Counter-terrorism & Intelligence Projects

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Professional assistance on various projects, ranging from defining security/operational needs, profiling, recruiting, and training personnel, building a plan for long-term operational maintenance, defining technological needs and adapting them to the level and ability of the personnel, and thorough help in writing operational procedures and setting up a control and command system that will enable proper operational activity for the long term.

These projects are aimed at both the government and private sectors.
Following are a number of subjects for various integrative projects:

* Securing strategic facilities
* Preventative intelligence, competitive intelligence and loss prevention
* Crisis and Emergency Management
* VIP and delegation protection
* International events, operational planning and managing
* Securing national borders
* Intervention units to fight kidnapping, drug trade and combatting miscelleneous forms of crime.
* Prison/corrections units
* Anti-terror units

Special Security & Intelligence Projects

ISIT establishes and manages projects according to the customer’s needs. We do projects such as planning and implementing the operations of international events, information analysis centers, rescue units, control and command centers for routine and emergency operations, etc.

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