Operational Krav-Maga & Martial Arts Instructors Course

The Operational Krav-Maga International Federation presents a special training program for Martial Arts and Krav-Maga instructors, with the cooperation of the Physical Education College of Wingate Institute.

OKMIF a specialized branch of ISIT-Group is conducting a Wingate Instructors Certification Program for Krav-Maga and Martial Arts practitioners.​​

This program is offered to all Krav-Maga participants who belong to any Krav-Maga association around the world and other Martial Arts practitioners. Upon successful completion of the program, the students will be awarded their credentials from a premier and accredited academic institution in Israel in the field of Krav-Maga -Martial Arts and Physical Education. The Israeli Ministry of Education and Sports recognizes awarded certifications. Instructors who wish to teach in Israel will need to complete additional studies at Wingate College.


The program is offered in two formats:

  • For certified Krav-Maga or Martial-Arts Instructors – 60 hours course.
  • For Non-certified Krav-Maga Instructors - 120 hours course.
  • Additional training for specialization in Operational Krav-Maga – 40 hours (optional)
  • Additional Advanced Operational Training in Israel – 40 hours (optional – Depends on The Israeli Ministry of Defense approval).

Terms of admission for the program:

The instructor candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Background: A minimum of four years of Krav-Maga or another Martial Art training, possessor of a good skills level.
  • Minimum Age to Graduate as instructor: 18

Participants who do not meet these criteria can participate in the course and be graduated as Martial-Arts Instructors Assistants.

• Good physical condition and general fitness.
• Recommendation from one of the following: The candidate's teacher or head of its organization
• Completed a CPR course
• A personal interview
• Clean background check; no criminal record
• Course fees
Previous experience teaching is preferred.

The Wingate College Instructor Course comprises the following material:

Sciences & Didactics


Anatomy of the Human Body
• The structure of the human body, cells, tissues, organs
• The build and composition of the tissue
• The joints system
• The respiratory system
• The heart and vascular system
• General skeletal and muscular system

Physiology of the Human Body

• The energy supply for bodily activity
• Glycolysis and the formation of lactic acid
• Aerobic production, glycolysis, Krebs cycle, the respiratory chain
• Oxygen consumption - at rest and under stress

Sports Psychology

• The relationship between the teacher and the student
• Dynamic approach and the relationship to the sportsman
• Psychology of adolescence
• The Instructor in shaping a sense of personal capability

Theory & Methodology of Physical Training
• "Physical fitness" - definition, definition of the different types of bio motor abilities
• Speed training, flexibility training
• Agility and coordination
• Endurance training
• Strength training​​​​​​​​​​​

Comprehensive final test of applicable sciences


Training methodology

• Introduction to the Methodology of Training
• Training process professional planning and preparation
• Aims definition
• Presentation techniques
• Common mistakes identification and correction
• Basic concept for training of people and group with special needs 

• Planning and preparation of specific trainings
• Skills training practice for different levels of participants
• Definition and practice for mistakes recognition and correction
• Demonstration – The “marketing” concept
• Professional feedback

For further information please fill contact form and send a request to Gabi Shai's e-mail: gabi@isit-group.com