ISIT custom-designs the most fitting security solution for each and every customer based on our assessment of the customers’ environment and needs, as well as the customers input and our extensive experience in the field. All the consulting activity, projects and professional training evolve out of a joint process between our experts and the customers’ representatives.


Carrying off a successful operation with the greatest chances for positive long-term results depends on a meticulous professional process that begins with identifying the various roots of the problem. Careful implementation of this first stage is what helps turn a security budget into a well-spent investment for the good of the community rather than being wasted on deleterious actions.


ISIT’s training method derives from the holistic approach of integration between the various components relevant to the specific operation, and is based on the principle of training as realistically as possible.
The professional staff at ISITs Academy is under the leadership and guidance of Gabi Shai and Mene Sircovich , who during their many years working in the state security system have made major contributions to the development and advancement of the integrative approach in operational training and the management of diverse training projects throughout the world at the highest professional level.


Professional assistance on various projects, ranging from defining security/operational needs, profiling, recruiting, and training personnel, building a plan for long-term operational maintenance, defining technological needs and adapting them to the level and ability of the personnel, and thorough help in writing operational procedures and setting up a control and command system that will enable proper operational activity for the long term.
These projects are directed to both the government and private sectors.