Crime Prevention Special Projects

Unique Crime Prevention Projects

Carried out in close cooperation with the Israeli Foreign Ministry Center for International Cooperation (Mashav) and the International Institute for Leadership, these projects are aimed at a mixed population starting with representatives from the political echelons, the community and the security forces, through the special-needs population (high-risk, juvenile delinquents, prisoners, etc.). The projects are varied and may be defined along with the relevant local factors.

* Social integration of young people at risk
* Education for democracy and social commitment
* Preventive approaches to juvenile delinquency
* Preventive approaches to school dropout rates
* Community-police reciprocal relationship
* Municipal public safety projects
* Organizing primary health care services
* Health services operation in emergency situations​


Safe City Comprehensive Project

The Proactive Security Concept’s primary goals are the early identification of events that damage the living standards of residents and its security, as well as the prevention of criminal acts through the early identification of possible unlawful activities. This has been adapted by our experts to solve Public Safety problems by law enforcement units and other organizations by the implementation of special crime-prevention projects. This comprehensive Safe City project that is based on the implementation of the proactive security concept will enable local authorities to  improve the level of security through optimal implementation of the most recent methods of crime prevention for short and long term durations.


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